Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm working on posters for some upcoming gigs and I'd like some feedback. Vote on your favourite and tell me what you think (none of these posters are finished, there's lots of editing and messing with colour balance and levels to do). Steven McNamara took the photos and Eloise ORiordan was set engineer (that means she cut out, stuck down, painted....etc. lots of those leaves in the background, she also gave advice, drank tea, told me it might be a crap idea, told me it might be a great idea)

Poster Number 1)

Poster Number 2)

Poster number 3)

Poster number 4)

Of course there are more options that aren't listed there like:

5) "none of them what were you thinking?"

6) "all of them your a genius"

7) "just google 'cute kittens' and put your name on top. done."

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