Monday, November 14, 2011

Lyrics in Progress - 'Miss Havisham and the Sweetest Word'...or maybe just 'Waiting'

Here's a rough sketch of what I was thinking of doing with the lyrics I've been working on lately (a very rough sketch recorded with my computers in built mic). The lyrics are:

I've watched the swollen sea swallow girls in one piece
And they've come back out cold, clean and shining
And I've watched songbirds fly away with grown men
An leave nothing but streaks in the sky behind them

All while I've been waiting for the sweetest word.
The sweetest word.

I've been waiting for ripeness to reach it's peak 
and I've been waiting for the cold to crisp the leaves
I'm still waiting
'Coz I was told and I believe

The stem will break but not too late for falling fruit it's sweetness take 
from branch to fruit, from fruit to me, from me to you

It's all for you
It's all for you

A very rough sketch of some lyrics I'm working on at the mo - Waiting by Ríona Sally Hartman


Friday, November 11, 2011

Lyrics in progress

Untitled as of yet but one idea for a title is maybe 'Miss Havisham and the Sweetest Word'.....or maybe not. Maybe I'll just call it 'Waiting', I dunno yet....let's just go with 'Untitled'

I've watched the swollen sea swallow girls whole
And they've come back out clean, cold and shining
And I've watched birds carry grown men away
While, for the sweet word, I've sat here, impatient and wanting

I also considered having the last line:

While for the sweetest word I've sat waiting, pining

But I thought maybe that was a bit too rhyme-y. Actually maybe it's all too rhyme-y.......hmm there's a lot of self questioning in this post. Maybe I should go think about this some more <---There it is again! The self questioning! Ok no more maybes, I should definitely go think about this some more.

If you think you might have an answer to any of my 'maybes' in the post (or would like to share an opinion on any post for that matter) you can leave comments here on the blog or on my facebook page. I like feedback, on my list of favourite things it's right up there with cake.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


If you've never heard any of my music before don't listen to this song! If you have heard some of my music before you might notice it's a bit different from the rest.

The story behind it goes something like this;
I was visiting a friend at the acquired brain injury ward of a local hospital recently. There was a woman on the ward who I quite unimaginatively nicknamed The Screamer because that's all she did all day long. While my friend was sleeping and The Screamer was screaming, I came across an app that claimed to translate any language on earth to English, so I decided to try it out. I snuck into The Screamer's room and left my phone there for a little while with the app open to work it's magic. I took what it translated, set it to music and unimaginatively named the song The Screamer;

The Screamer

Don't be scared come close
I can see you're lost
Screamers can't feel anything but love

Love Love Love Love Love.....

That's not pain you hear
Strange sound to your ears
Unaccustomed to the sound of love

Love Love Love Love Love.....

You say sing something shiny happy bright
Well I can be as shiny as a star
That glitters, bursting, explodes into life
That burns and pulls you darker into night like

Love Love Love Love Love.....

Sweet young thing gone wrong
Join us and you'll find
That you can't feel anything but love

Love Love Love Love Love
Love Love Love Love Love
Love Love Love Love Love....

The Screamer by Ríona Sally Hartman

This song was brought to you by the letter S and the number 5.......and musicians Thibaud Keller on guitar, Arthur Johnson on bass, Bonnie Stewart on drums and sound engineer Aidan OBrien. Aidan is studying sound engineering in college and this song was recorded as an assignment for his course. We had a brilliant weekend in the studio and ended up recording a few jazz standards too.