Friday, November 11, 2011

Lyrics in progress

Untitled as of yet but one idea for a title is maybe 'Miss Havisham and the Sweetest Word'.....or maybe not. Maybe I'll just call it 'Waiting', I dunno yet....let's just go with 'Untitled'

I've watched the swollen sea swallow girls whole
And they've come back out clean, cold and shining
And I've watched birds carry grown men away
While, for the sweet word, I've sat here, impatient and wanting

I also considered having the last line:

While for the sweetest word I've sat waiting, pining

But I thought maybe that was a bit too rhyme-y. Actually maybe it's all too rhyme-y.......hmm there's a lot of self questioning in this post. Maybe I should go think about this some more <---There it is again! The self questioning! Ok no more maybes, I should definitely go think about this some more.

If you think you might have an answer to any of my 'maybes' in the post (or would like to share an opinion on any post for that matter) you can leave comments here on the blog or on my facebook page. I like feedback, on my list of favourite things it's right up there with cake.

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