Monday, November 14, 2011

Lyrics in Progress - 'Miss Havisham and the Sweetest Word'...or maybe just 'Waiting'

Here's a rough sketch of what I was thinking of doing with the lyrics I've been working on lately (a very rough sketch recorded with my computers in built mic). The lyrics are:

I've watched the swollen sea swallow girls in one piece
And they've come back out cold, clean and shining
And I've watched songbirds fly away with grown men
An leave nothing but streaks in the sky behind them

All while I've been waiting for the sweetest word.
The sweetest word.

I've been waiting for ripeness to reach it's peak 
and I've been waiting for the cold to crisp the leaves
I'm still waiting
'Coz I was told and I believe

The stem will break but not too late for falling fruit it's sweetness take 
from branch to fruit, from fruit to me, from me to you

It's all for you
It's all for you

A very rough sketch of some lyrics I'm working on at the mo - Waiting by Ríona Sally Hartman


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