Saturday, April 2, 2011

Venn Diagram

This blog has made me realise that all my songs fall into three categories. Ok so I haven't sat down and thought through every one of my tunes yet but I did make myself a quick little Venn Diagram* with a few of my tunes in there (click to view it larger if you don't have your reading glasses on)

Look at that big blank spot in the crossover section between pink and blue! Gotta sort that out. And the crossover between pink and green is getting a bit crowded, but how could it not be, emotional projection is such a good topic. I debated over where to put a few of them, like 'Light Fires' could also go in the green/blue crossover section (I'm sure someone who speaks math could tell me what the real name of the 'crossover section' is).

*I like Venn Diagrams. My first ever gig (playing my own material I mean) was a collaboration with Banbha Mc Cann called Venn Diagram in the Back Loft.

1 comment:

  1. It's called insicion...AnB,AnC,BnC,AnBnC are respectively called:
    "insicion of the sets A and B"
    "insicion of the sets A and C"
    "insicion of the sets B and C"
    "insicion of the sets A , B and C"
    (aiming to teach at a university for a lesson...? :P)