Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lyrics for the new bridge on Sealegs

New bridge section in bold:

Sea swells, waves fall
When you're near the sky turns grey
Then you sweep me away
In your little pea green boat
You wrap me in romance
I never hear the wind blow when you hold me close

Diving in darkness
Drowning in the pull of your tides
And then you smile
Oh I hear mermaids sing
Oh the bliss of these icy waters I'm drowning in

That look of yours gives me
To and fro stay or go tell me
How this ends
Or your love will always leave me on
These sealegs of uncertainty

I hear sirens from the street
While you sleep
Find me tangled in our sheets
Sleepwalking towards the sea
So come sweep me away
In your little pea green boat
Come wrap me in romance
Don't wanna hear the wind blow so come near
And hold me close 

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