Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dig a Little Deeper recording with Wayne Sheehy

Check out that view!

I spent last weekend in Wayne Sheehy's studio in West Cork with Mick Stuart recording Dig A Little Deeper songs. I love working with Mick, as well as making music I love we also get to have big chats about lyrics, music and performing. We debate over what makes the lyric 'careful his bowtie is really a camera' such a great lyric in the context. If you haven't heard Dig A Little Deeper check us out:

As well as producing, Wayne is an excellent drummer and percussionist. There were loads of photos of Wayne playing with legends of the Irish music industry hung up around the studio. Who's yer man in the glasses:

It was such a beautiful setting to be recording. The house was cozy, lots of instruments and musical toys to play with, great musicians like Paul Dunlea and Roy Kellerher popping in to record and two great local pubs (one that also sold eggs their duck laid and another where you could order scallops from the barman who was also the local kinda pubs!).

Wayne very kindly built me a fort to play in while I was down there guaranteeing I'll be back to play again.

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