Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lyrics in Progress

Some new lyrics I started this morning after reading this paragraph from a short story*:

Do you have any pets? he asked.
Not even a cat?
Why not?
I'm not sure I could care for a pet. I travel a lot.
But you could get a very little pet that wasn't very hungry.
I knew all about those things that weren't very hungry; my life was full of them. I didn't want any more weaklings who were activated by water and heat but had no waste and were so small that when they died, I buried them only with forgetfulness. If I was going to bring something new into my home, it would be a big starving thing.

And the lyrics in progress are:

My words will eat me
Like a big starving thing
My hair and bones
There'll be nothing left to see
But my words

My songs will eat me
Like a big starving thing
In it's jaws dying
I'll hear the sweet singing
Of my songs

Initially for the first two lines I had 'I want my words to eat me like a big starving thing. Consume my bones my skin my hair till there's nothing left to see but my words'. Not sure which I prefer yet. I only just scribbled these down today so by the time I'm finished with them they may have changed beyond recognition. They might go well with some lyrics I posted up here a little while ago....maybe, we'll see.

*The short story is called 'The Boy from Lam Kien' and it's by Miranda July

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